Advantages & benefits

For therapists

If you are a practitioner in any specialty, the SAAMA® method will incredibly increase your healing potential for two main reasons: 

- First of all, it automatically integrates all you know and all that you practice

- Second of all, you'll get to places you've never been able to reach before.



There is no pain, and no instruments are needed with this method. The person can be present or at a distance, and can be treated quickly, inexpensively, and without age limits.


There are no contraindications or complications. Only 20% of the clients report "healing crises" during the first 48 hours after therapy, and they are usually minor.


And that's not all: you do not need any product or any machine at all.



With the SAAMA® protocol, tested since 2007 with more than 3,000 clients, it is surprisingly rapid to find the problem and fix it. You can fix it using only SAAMA® or using SAAMA® along with the therapy you are already practicing.


SAAMA® is very powerful, very subtle, very “friendly” with the client, and it is 100% compatible with any medical treatment.


SAAMA® allows you to be prepared for any problems that a client will present, and you will see dramatic improvement without suffering.


For clients

The first questions that a client has when facing a disease are:


1. What do I have to do to heal?
2. Why did this happen to me?
3. What do I have to do so this does not happen again?
4. How can I achieve healing with minimal suffering?


SAAMA® quickly answers these questions. SAAMA® tells you why it happened, where the roots are, from where the sickness came, and, above all, what you have to do in your life in order to leave the path behind that led you to the imbalance.


SAAMA® also helps you to heal without pain since it is not necessary to recall painful episodes of the past or make efforts to get over the circumstances.


The SAAMA® therapy is usually done with the client on a table or chair. You will be comfortably relaxed, allowing the Therapist to connect with you through a protocol utilizing silent questions that will lead to the root of your problem. Then, very gently, the Therapist will remove the blocked emotions that prevents your from healing. The Therapist will also find out whether other shortcomings contribute to the main blockage, such as a lack of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, the presence of fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria — endless details that will bring remarkable changes in your health.


For everyone

SAAMA® is much faster to learn that most techniques. You just need 3 days (they are very intense!) to understand its operation and protocol. The rest is practice, practice, and more practice. 


It does not need any prior knoledge or any "special sensitivity."


It is impossible to do any harm using SAAMA®.



It does not require any prior diagnosis, since SAAMA® tells us what and where the problem is.



It works equally well if the client is present or at a distance. In fact, the face-to-face treatment is itself a treatment at a distance because it is not needed to touch the person.


It is very useful also for animals, plants, and spaces such as homes, shops, offices.


It can be used to complement hands-on therapies or “talk therapy.” It is ideal for osteopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychologists, coaches ... and for anybody who wants to help themselves and others.


Anyone without knowledge of healing can do it. And any therapist or doctor can incorporate SAAMA® in their practice to enhance greatly their technical and professional success.



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