Applications of SAAMA

At a distance

SAAMA® works equally well at a distance. In fact, in the consultation, therapy is always “remote” since you do not need to touch the client to conduct the session.


For SAAMA®, 50 feet, 500 kilometers (miles), or 5,000 kilometers (miles) is the same.


The procedure is the same whatever the distance. We just need the name, date, and place of birth and we can connect with the client. The information reduces the possibility of error, but we can use instead a picture of the person.

With animals

SAAMA® is ideal for helping animals since all living beings are endowed with emotion and intelligence.


We humans measure intelligence by the standards of our species, but each species is unique in its own nature.


We can build bridges, buildings, and rockets (well, not all of us, just a few!), but we are unable to make a spider web, much less produce the material from our own body, or see at night like a bat, or, even less so, communicate for thousands of kilometers like a whale.


Each species is perfect, and we all have emotions, so SAAMA® can help animals and plants as well.


We can also connect to a place, shop, business, or home. Ideally we should have a basic plan, which is usually given to us by the client. Then we ask SAAMA® if there are discordant energies and, if so, where they are.


There are spaces that do not necessarily have an energy imbalance at the physical level, but they may be contrary to concepts such as abundance, honesty, money, joy ....

Past lives

To clear past lives is simple but complicated at the same time. You have to work without hesitation and without questioning results that may be strange or may not coincide with your expectations about reality.


SAAMA® can unblock a past-life event, regardless of our beliefs.

Energy Review

SAAMA® Energy Review focuses for the most part on finding out if there are problems related to the body's energy system. It is ideal for those moments in life when the person is planning a major change, a trip, exams, pregnancy, a change of house or country ....


During the session the Therapist check for cracks in the aura of the person, the flow of the chakras, their alignment, and whether they are 100% open.


The Therapist can also look for the presence of negative entities and can check how the organs are functioning (in %) and the levels of vitamins and minerals.


In SAAMA® coaching, the clients do not express their physical symptoms but instead state the goals they want to achieve in their lives.


The job of the SAAMA® coach is to support the best that the clients can be and to help them reach their goals.


To do this, the Therapist uses SAAMA® to unblock any emotion or trauma that prevents progress in the desired direction.

Fertility & pregnancy

SAAMA® is extremely useful in fertility treatments because it confirms that both the woman and the man want to have a child together; if not, you can remove the impediments to achieving this goal.


You can also track blocked emotions in both of their reproductive systems, as well as check hormone levels and the nutritional status of the couple.


In our daily practice, the level of success is very high, and this encourages us to continue investigating all the possibilities of using SAAMA® for this fascinating topic.


SAAMA® is also the perfect therapy for pregnant women because, since the Therapist does not touch the client, there is no risk to the pregnancy.


SAAMA is also used for those people who want to activate a better economy and abundance in all aspects. 


It is a very complete therapy where we work on limiting beliefs, effects of past lives, karmas, family relationships (the famous syndrome of "fidelity to the clan"), pending debts by the ancestors, active programs of deficiencies and many more, seeking achieve the 3 main steps: that abundance arrives, stays and grows.



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