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3-Days Whorkshop

Home Study Training

For the first time ever

we will conduct the first

SAAMA 1.0 3-Days Workshop

in Girona (Spain)


on December 6th, 7th and 8th 2019





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But wait a minute… WHAT IS SAAMA?



Ah! SAAMA is the most powerful healing technique today. Its based on quantum physics and was created by Therapist Veturian Arana in Girona, Spain and now more that 3.000 therapist around the world are SAAMA Healers!


SAAMA is the most amazing and most advanced healing technique in the world and you can learn it in our 3-Day Workshop or in our home study course.






With SAAMA you have access to the subconscious which is the hard drive containing all the information about a person. The subconscious mind controls around 95% of our information and it is where you need to go if you want to help someone to heal.


What SAAMA does is allow you to interface with the subconscious mind and the SAAMA Protocol will guide you to find the information you need in order to heal yourself or others, even plants, animals and at any distance!


All this is possible thanks to Quantum Physics.


You can become a SAAMA Healer in one very intensive 3-Day Workshop even if you don’t have a background in healing.


This means that everybody can be a SAAMA Healer but if you are already a healer (therapist, doctor, veterinarian, psychologist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, homeopath, osteopath, chiropractor, Reiki Master, etc.) you will experience an explosion of your capacity to heal others.


With SAAMA you understand you connection with the Field, your connection with your Higher Self and your connection with every living beig.


Feeling connected to everything and everybody makes a huge change in your life and that will reflect in your health, happiness, economic abundance, love, relations, creativity and comprehension of the world around you.



Make the decision today and you will never look back.


SAAMA® belongs to the new generation of Quantum Therapies that are revolutionizing the world of healing and coaching at breakneck speed.


Through a simple protocol, Veturián Arana teaches us how to work the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, psychic, and psychological bodies. By applying the principle of intention, we are able to produce profound changes in clients of all ages. Under the concept of "New Paradigm, New Therapies," Veturián integrates multiple healing techniques to achieve a single therapy with amazing effects.


For more information about SAAMA®, we invite you to watch Veturian´s videos on our YouTube channel, under the heading “Veturian Arana.” Most of the viedeos are in Spanish, however we will be gradually adding more videos in English.



Everyone can learn SAAMA.

You do not need to be a therapist or a doctor,

nor have any specific knowledge or special sensitivity.

During the SAAMA training, we teach you everything.



SAAMA® 1.0 is the introduction to Quantum Thinking and deep emotional healing. This level is sufficient for anyone, including therapists and doctors.


SAAMA® is growing exponentially and reaching more people every day. However, ber in mind that currently, Veturián Arana, the developer of the method, is the onlye one who can teach you SAAMA and accredit you as a SAAMA® Therapist. 



Once again, welcome, and we hope to see you soon!



Should you need more informacion,

please contact us at saama.english@gmail.com