SAAMA 1.0 On-Line Training

Use SAAMA to help yourself, your loved ones,

and others.

With SAAMA® you will not need needles or drugs.


SAAMA® is a therapy with a protocol that will allow you to work the Physical, Mental, Psychic, Emotional and Spiritual body, applying Quantum Physics Principles and the Power of Itention & Love, producing very deep changes in the person.


With SAAMA® you will learn where the root of the problem is, why it happened, where it is hiding, what organ it affects and how to erase the the blockage that causes the symptom in seconds, either with the person in front of you or km (miles) away. It works equally well with babies as with adults, also with animals, plants and places. 


With SAAMA® you will connect to the "Higher Self" of the person you are treating and by following the protocol you will find out the root cause of the symptiom and how to work wih it to make it dessapear..


With SAAMA® you lives a paradigm shift due to you will learn the difference between Newtonian thinking and Quantum thinking.


You will begin to think in a quantum way and you will learn to apply the quantum physics principles on a daily basis


Benefits of SAAMA:


- You will be able to use SAAMA for yourself, for your loved ones and for others.


- If you have already studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Craniosacral, Homeopathy, Rebirthing or any other therapy such as Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Biodecodification, Reading of Akasic Records, NLP, Psychology, Reflexology, Bach Flowers, massage, etc. The SAAMA® Course will automatically integrate everything you know and will enrich your healing potential.


- However, if you have never done anything of the above, SAAMA® will prepare you to start working right the following day, and will encourage you to learn other therapies so that each day you become better.






No specific prior knowledge is required, nor any "special sensitivity"


You do not need to be a therapist, or have to dedicate yourself to be a therapist



- Much faster to learn than most techniques.


- SAAMA® works both straight to a problem (as if it were a laser beam) and broadly on the generality of health (as if it were a bulb that illuminates a whole room) and in both cases with great depth.


- It is impossible to do any harm



It does not require any previous diagnosis since the Non-conscious tells us what it is and where the problem is.



- It works the same in person or at a distance. In fact, face-to-face work is in itself a work at a distance, due to we never touch the persona.


- SAAMA can be applied in many other fields, it is very useful:

  • with animals
  • with plants
  • with places, homes and offices
  • to help improve and get prosper a business
  • to improve the productibity of a work team 
  • with purchase / sale of real estate
  • with abundance
  • with fertility and getting pregnant



With SAAMA 1.0 On-Line, you will learn:

  • Quantum Theory and SAAMA's Fundamentals 
  • Clinic history
  • SAAMA Protocol
  • SAAMA On-site
  • SAAMA at a Distancia
  • SAAMA and the Family
  • SAAMA and Energy Review
  • SAAMA and Past Lives
  • Clearing traumas and physical pains with SAAMA
  • SAAMA and Places
  • SAAMA and Fertility
  • SAAMA and Abundance



SAAMA 1.0 On-Line training includes:

  • 15 videos with 27h aprox, in total, of Veturian Arana teaching you every thing. 
  • We will intergate you quantumly and at a distance a quantum code wich will help you open up to the quantum thinking, and the more using of the right hemifere
  • The manual with all the theothy, and SAAMA Protocol in PDF
  • An On-Line tutor available to solve anyt doubt you might have
  • Cuando finalices la Formación SAAMA® 1.0, te daremos un Certificado, Logo de Terapeuta SAAMA® 1.0 para tu web, blog, papelería etc. y  el diseño de tarjetas de visita de Terapeuta SAAMA.
  • You will have access to the course durint 3 months, after this period ypu will not longer have access to it.



SAAMA 1.0 On-Line Training in English



Launch scheduled for

April 1st 2019



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