SAAMA 1.0 training

“Use SAAMA Integral Healing to help yourself and others.”

With SAAMA you will learn where the root of the problem hides, why it happened, which organ it affects, and how to clear it in seconds—whether the person is in front of you or miles away. It also works equally well with infants and with adults, and also with animals and places.


If you have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, Homeopathy, Rebirthing or other therapies like Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Bioneuroemotion Therapy, Reading the Akashic Records, NLP, psychology, reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies, massage, etc., the SAAMA course will automatically integrate everything you know and enrich your healing potential.


Even if you've never done any of the above, SAAMA will prepare you to start working immediately, and it will encourage you to learn other therapies so that you will become an even better therapist.


There is ongoing support and sharing available for students in closed bilingual Facebook groups.