SAAMA 1.0 Training

“Use SAAMA Integral Healing to help yourself and others.”

With SAAMA® you will not need needles or drugs. SAAMA® is a therapy with a protocol that will allow you to work the physical, mental, psychic, emotional and spiritual body. In addition, once the SAAMA® Course is finished you will not be left alone, you will be part of the "SAAMA® Family"! On our Facebook page, you will be in constant communication with the SAAMA® Team and with all the colleagues who have been doing the training. You will receive all the updates and resolve questions with all possible support.


With SAAMA® you will learn where the root of the problem is, why it happened, where it is hiding, what organ it affects and how to erase it in seconds, either with the person in front of you or km (miles) away. It works equally well with babies as with adults, also with animals and spaces. 


The price of the course is € 850 in Spain. It includes the certificate, the theoretical manual with the SAAMA® Protocol, the practice and all the support you need to work. When you finish the SAAMA® 1.0 Training, we will give you a SAAMA® 1.0 Therapist Logo for your website, blog, stationery, etc. 


If you have already studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Allopathic Medicine, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Craniosacral, Homeopathy, Rebirthing or any other therapy such as Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Biodecodification, Reading of Akasic Records, NLP, Psychology, Reflexology, Bach Flowers, massage, etc. The SAAMA® Course will automatically integrate everything you know and will enrich your healing potential.


But if you have never done anything of the above, SAAMA® will prepare you to start working the next day, and will encourage you to learn other therapies so that each day you become a better therapist.


For more information, please write to Nuria Bergadà at the email:

Veturián Arana

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