Veturian Arana

“The Inner Child is the Healer”

Veturián Arana entered the world of Alternative Therapies back in 1998 with the help of Tai-Chi and Reiki (Master of Tibetan Reiki, Usui and Tantric) and later studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. In his search for something useful, easy to learn, simple, without side effects and that everyone could learn, Veturián entered the path of Shamanic studies, Quantum Bioresonance, Bach Flowers, Spiritual Response Therapy, Telepathy with Animals , Quantum Touch, Mátrix, Yuen, 101 Healing, Zamira, Craneopuncture, Akashic Records, Biomagnetism, Chinese Phytotherapy, Energy Nutrition, Coaching, Quantum Jumping, NPL, Bioneuroemoción, Quantum Entrainment and many more techniques but none gave the results he was looking for.


All were useful but did not meet the 7 requirements he was looking for and being a tireless researcher he created his own system.


Today, Veturián's main activity is aimed at promoting its SAAMA® technique around the world.

Veturián Arana

Terapia SAAMA - Veturián Arana