What is SAAMA?

SAAMA® is a method developed by the therapist Veturián Arana, co-director of the Shen Girona Center of Natural Therapies in Girona, Spain.


SAAMA® is the result of an amalgam of bioenergetic techniques of great power, joined with information channeled through Veturián. It allows the practitioner of this therapy to find the root cause of a problem and remove it in a simple way, in a manner that is friendly to the body and that has great effectiveness.


SAAMA® is useful in any health issue, in both humans and animals, and it can be applied either in person or remotely. Moreover, it is not only a therapy for health problems; it is also a therapy for other aspects of life. You can heal issues related to job success, creativity, money, phobias, addictions, and so on—as well as locations and places.


It is a therapy for those who want to change their life. SAAMA® does not use instruments of any kind, drugs, hypnosis, or muscle manipulation. The client does not have to remember traumatic events. The person simply needs to relax on the couch or in a chair and let SAAMA® produce changes that will improve their life.


The SAAMA® therapy is based on the principle that "the body is the stage where the drama of life is performed.” Any aspect of your life that you want to improve will get better quickly and cleanly with SAAMA®.


SAAMA® reminds us that WE ARE ALL HEALERS. SAAMA® is only a tool for us to rediscover and develop our natural ability.


SAAMA® is not only a therapy, it is a way of living.