What is SAAMA?

SAAMA is the answer that its creator Veturián Arana looked for in the world of natural therapies. Being himself a practitioner of multiple methods, Veturián observed that many of the therapies he had studied needed the support of instruments, products, remedies, magnets, gems, etc., and in many cases long years of study. Looking for something different, he requested spiritual help asking for a therapy that fulfilled 7 requirements that he considered essential:


1- That it was impossible to do the least damage (Primum Non Nocere)

2- That could be learned in a weekend and not in months or years.

3- That it was not necessary to have previous knowledge, just to know how to read.

4- That there was no need for any instrument, plants, products, or a stretcher.

5- That it served the same for people as for animals, plants or spaces.

6- That could be done at any distance even outside our Temporary Line.

7- That it will elevate the practitioner in the Spiritual Path.


Little by little the pieces were arriving and with time the puzzle was complete. He just needed to name it and found it in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico. The word SAAMA, which means "dawn" in the Mayan language.


The philosophy of SAAMA is that "The body is the stage where the theater of life is represented" (principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and its motto is "The inner child is the healer". His instruments are Love and Intention.


SAAMA is a Therapy also for those who want to advance in the spiritual path, since it is not only a way of working, but also a way of living life.


SAAMA is a very useful healing tool. There are improvements in both people and animals. In addition, it is also a therapy for other aspects of life. You can unlock issues related to other people, with sales of real estate, with issues of job success, creativity, money, phobias, addictions and much more.


SAAMA helps the healing from the minimum possible effort since it does not use instruments, drugs, hypnosis, or muscle manipulations.


SAAMA helps you to identify why the consultant is living that situation, whatever it is, where the roots are, where the disease or problem comes from, and above all what he has to do in life to leave the path that led to the imbalance.


Through the SAAMA protocol, Veturián Arana teaches us how to work the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Psychic and Psychological Body applying the Principle of INTENTION and LOVE, producing very deep changes in the consultants. SAAMA reminds us that WE ARE ALL HEALERS.


Much faster to learn than most techniques. No level of "sensitivity" or specific knowledge is required. Anyone without knowledge of healing can do it, any therapist or doctor can incorporate SAAMA to their techniques and greatly amplify their professional success. SAAMA is also ideal for osteopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, masseurs, psychologists, bio-reprogrammers, bio-decoders, coaching jobs ... to complement what they already do.


Everyone can learn it and only on a weekend!


It does not require any previous diagnosis since the Non-Conscious (Higher Self) tells us what the problem is and where it is located.


It works the same with the present consultant who has distance. In fact, face-to-face work is in itself a work at a distance.


Another aspect that Veturián wanted to solve, because he had lived it many times, was what he calls "The Disappearance of the Master before time" which is when the course ends and both the Teacher and the students disperse and do not know from each other


Veturián felt that this could not happen with SAAMA. He wanted to build a Family of “SAAMA people“ so that with his team they have created some pages on Facebook where every day hundreds of students raise their problems and doubts. Veturián, along with his team of tutors, is in charge of answering, as well as updating the knowledge of his students as new information emerges.





Did you know that accumulated Blocked Emotions are the basis of most health problems?


And did you know that there is a system called SAAMA with which you can ask your Mind-Body exactly what happens to it?


Have you ever considered that we all have a great capacity to help heal any person or animal?


If you are a nurse or doctor, psychologist or coach, homeopath or masseur, acupuncturist or masseuse or practitioner of any other therapy, whether Reiki, Taping, Biodecodification, osteopathy or Biomagnetism, etc, now you have a Protocol that will expand your healing strength beyond what you thought possible.


And if you are a taxi driver or housewife, hairdresser or architect, engineer or executive, salesman or policeman, if you are the director of a multinational or carpenter, now you and your loved ones no longer depend so much on others to solve and prevent the majority of the problems related to welfare.


At SAAMA International we have spent years researching and applying the principles of Quantum Physics in our clients.


With the SAAMA Training you will learn to:


- Help yourself, your loved ones or clients to heal.

- Increase your own health and emotional well-being.

- Help any animal or plant heal.

- Have greater security in yourself as a professional.

- Dissolve the blocks that prevent you from obtaining your personal goals.

- Help anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their life.

- Clean spaces like businesses or houses.

- Increase your abundance in every way.

- Discover a new way of living.

- Grow as a person learning to work with the strength of Love and Intention.


And you will also belong to the SAAMA Family, composed of health professionals and people with other professions who keep in contact to help each other.


With each new SAAMA therapist the world changes a little bit more and we all become more free.

Veturián Arana

Terapia SAAMA - Veturián Arana